A New Order Rising

Return to Belgard

From the journal of Abel Salinger

We rode uneventfully all the way back to Belgard. Scar is a solid steed, I need to look into getting a horse. Maybe I’ll save my earnings for a month or so. Calcorin Laughshield has been oddly quiet on the trip back. Must be mad that we left him and he got himself tied up.

The Golden Horseshoe houses my bed tonight. I wonder why soldiers like this place? Why do I like this place? The Merry Maiden now thats a bar. The atmosphere in here tonight just seemed tense. And thats before General Percival the Prodigal arrived. I’m getting away from myself here, my life has taken an interesting turn. I was a normal soldier building his way through the ranks. I delievered a shipment of wood when I was on leave and now I have met the Prodigal General and had audience with King Edard Whitmorre I. If the Aspects aren’t leading me then I don’t know what it could be, chance? I don’t know anything about this new passenger (Flax) who insists we take him with us but he says he knows the way and I’ve never been to Dalefire. I don’t know who in the hells he is. But then again, I don’t understand why we would take Throov Kurov with us. He’s not military, he’s big, sure but what about the Krink worship? Though he’s peaceful enough, decent at cards, and enjoys the journey. Probably would have made a decent soldier. Amai, I pray you watch over us on this trip.


Mascia MrTolar

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