A New Order Rising

Road to Dalefire

From the journal of Throov.

Figured I’d be gone for awhile, thought I might stop by for my blueberries. Saw a beggar kid when I was searching Jarryn’s for pipe. Seems the local scamps are selling pipes as their newest scheme. Had 2 different whelps sell me 1 separately. Gave one a silver and a threat to share, and the other some food. When I saw his disappointment I knew word had spread between them. Good. Maybe it’ll make the older one share the coin.

Dipped in the ‘ Horseshoe for some weed, odd stuff Tarrin is selling. Minty. Not my preference but it’ll do.

Before we set out I had us give the usual toast. Didn’t think the old man or the Galish’ would hold it down so well, BUT THE SOLDIER! HAHAHAHA! Told me he was used to drinking BEER, not liquor! What a milk-drinker…

Road is fair enough. Krink kept it damp enough, a good omen if any. Haven’t seen any hand prints either.

A few days in I heard a rattle. Some merchant got a raw deal. Saw the dame lose her crown, ugly sight. Waited to see them leave, nothing left behind. Tried to track the trail but it was usless. Didn’t seem like a normal stake out. Picked up some burlap off the cart as it might make for some good camouflage in the future.

Flax hasn’t stopped talking about some town up ahead. Says they have the best bread a man can make, and follows this up with how great Elven bread is. As funny as he is, I might clock him a solid one if he doesn’t shut up about it.

Bread was pretty damn good.


Mascia xdrewstroyerx

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