Alec Salinger

Abel Salinger's Father


Alec Salinger has seen the worst in men. He was a “survivor” of the warring houses. When his duty to a noble’s Army was over all he wanted to do was return home and raise a family. When we left and became a prodigal he was a handsome man. Coming home was a different story. Heavy scarring on his face, arms, and chest were a reminder of two things: there is a cost to nobles bickering and that Alec’s scars ran deeper that what you could see.

His first few months at home Alec was arrested 4 times for fighting. “I have no peace!” is what he would say in his drunken states. Eventually he met Sanska and she with her devotion to Kelden helped him find the peace that he desperately wanted. They wed and had three children: Geralt, Josephine, and Abel.

Now days he doesn’t want to talk about his military time. He just wants to be a father, grandfather, loyal husband, pursue a peaceful life and drink a beer.

Alec Salinger

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