Madison Bloodroot

Noble whos family made their name off secrets

  • Secret’s Broker
  • Selfish
  • Pretentious
  • Beautiful
  • Aristocrat
  • Only wears red

Madison was born into a noble family who made their fortune through information brokering. No secret was to small for them. They have presumed ties to noble houses falling as well as small businesses booming, though nothing is ever proven. Some believe that Whitmorre’s power was reinforced by the Bloodroot’s backing.

Madison though is seldom seen at court but when she does appear in high society, it is assumed that there is important information being shared by someone.

She sees herself as the last of the Bloodroot’s; as her sister Megyn, married what she deemed a lesser man, and for love of all things.

Madison was married once but he passed away early in their marriage. Some believe it to be an accident, others believe she married planning to have him killed so that she would inherit his families wealth as her late husband was an only child.

Madison Bloodroot

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