Priya (Redmond) Salinger

The late wife of Abel Salinger

  • Kind and Beautiful with a love of horses
  • Only daughter of Patrick and Delia Redmond

In what would be the greatest of overstatements she “was taken before her time.”

Priya was a carefree woman who loved to get dirty and work in the stables with her father and brothers. She met Abel when he was stationed in Highstraw with the rest of his unit.

They fell in love quickly, Abel claims it was the spring season and allergies got the best of them but in only 2 months time they were married. It was a small gathering and Abel’s Father and Mother just barely made the wedding date.

Three months into their marriage tragedy fell when Abel and his unit were dispatched to run off a wild pack of wolves and thin out a deer heard that had been tearing up the local crops.

Priya and about 15 other citizens came down with Reaper’s Cough and the fever overtook her before Abel could make it back and save her with his new found healing abilities.

Priya (Redmond) Salinger

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