Mayor Melvin Merttlebottom

Mayor of Red Harbor

  • Hefty
  • Smart
  • Cant keep a secret
  • Hates bullies

“Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about The Mayor, he’ll tell you himself. You won’t have a choice either. I drank an entire bottle of brandy in his company one evening just to be able to endure his constant prattling. Whats worse is that the man can’t keep a secret, and it wasn’t as if I was trying to get him drunk to make him share, he just tells you.” – an excerpt from The Traveler’s Journal vol. VII by Morgan Stein

Yes, Mayor Melvin Merttlebottom has a gift of gab. He also tends to speak in 3rd person, which is amusing to some and terribly grating to others.

Nicknamed Little Melvin and The Buoy by local kids upset Melvin as a child greatly but instead of seeking revenge or being broken by the bullying Melvin plotted against all his abusers and educated himself. He was a quite gifted in his studies and education became a weapon for him. Later in life when he became mayor he “accidentally” raised the taxes on his childhood abusers and for some reason his accounting staff has never been able to fix the clerical mistake.

Mayor Melvin Merttlebottom

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