Calendar of Dorwin

Over time the calender has been solidified across borders in Dorwin.

The year consists of 340 days. A week being 5 days. With 4 weeks in each month. These weeks fall into 16 months. Between each month falls a holiday. At the end of the calendar year is a week devoted to the Aspects.

The Months are as follows;

The Holidays are as follows;

Creator’s Day
While many believe in the aspects, it is known that the aspects would not exist without the creator above all. Creator’s Day is the first holiday of the new year chosen to represent the birth of all things new. During this holiday new born babies within their first year of life are brought to temples for blessings and in the evening is a communal gathering for a temple service and a shared feast. If a child is born on Creator’s Day it is considered blessed by the creator himself. Most families try to time their pregnancies to align with Creator’s Day.

The Day of Greatness
In the hot summer months and the lull between planting and harvesting the Humans began a festival that would see them send their towns and cities greatest champions and hometown note-worthies for a variety of contests. Included in these contests would be traditional games such as: The Forge Master’s hammer toss, The Huntsman’s javelin throw, The Chevalier’s joust, and Amai’s Grand Melee. Over the years other contests have been included such as food eating contests, prized livestock, and the most popular of the lesser contests, The Grand Drinking Challenge. Originally, the festival moved annualy and was held on the lands of whichever Baron offered the most coin that year. Though, for the last five years it has been held at The Capital City Belgard. King Edard Whitmorre I, and his council, saw this as an opportunity to strengthen diplomatic relations. In the last five year’s The Day of Greatness has been open to competition from other races as well. The Uruk’s were the first race to accept the challenge. Bor Olgrin the Tree Smasher won the melee that year. The Meadhunter has won The Grand Drinking Challenge the last three years running.

The Day of Silence
A day more about remembrance rather than celebration. A human “holiday” designed to honor the dead in all circumstances. Mother’s remember sons lost to battle or the trauma of labor. Husband’s mourn wives lost to them through sickness as well as the violence of marauders. The day is marked by the temples ringing a bell at dawn to mark the start of silence and again at nightfall to signal the end of observed silence. The bells were chosen to represent the beginning of life as well as the end. At night, every home who has experienced a loss places a candle for each life lost in the window or entry way of their homes. On this day all walks and levels of society can see the one thing that makes them all similar.

Durin’s Downfall (After Helgdarin)
A celebration of the destruction of Baron Durin’s rule. The Dread Lord, as he was known, raised taxes to unattainable amounts, leaving those who could not pay in the stockades or the gallows. The people of Belgard usurped his rule, appointing the first street raised ruler Baron Korwin Strass.

Maygrin’s Mynthum
A holiday featured at the end of the 6th month. Maygrin was a woman said to be blessed with 30 children in her lifetime. People celebrate this time as they believe it to be the easiest to conceive due to the blessings from the aspect of fertility, which they refer to as Mynthum.

Feast of Flowers
This holiday is celebrated in the spring. After the final winter freeze and the beginning of planting crops. This holiday is truly designed just to lift spirits as winter’s can be a harsh and depressing time. It’s not uncommon to see men place a flower behind their ear as it has become a superstition that if you place a flower in your hair your seeds will take root quicker.

Day for Grievances
This is considered by some to be the most legally violent day of the year. While the courts do their best to rule over cases and domestic disputes this day still seems to be the way citizens prefer to handle long standing issues. On this day you are legally allowed to fight someone who you believe has cheated you, angered you, stolen, hurt, even infected you. Proof or convincing argument must be given by the accuser. The defender has two options at this point: 1- apologize and yield 2 – fight. The winner of the fight is vindicated and the matter must be dropped afterwards. You can only fight someone until they yield or are unconscious. Killing someone is illegal and no weapons are allowed. This is by far the busiest day of the year for healers outside of battles.

 photo 1082112202_zpshk1anvjo.jpeg
Feast of the Faeries
This summer holiday was originally celebrated in Highstraw. At night lights would rise from the ground which the locals believed to be Faeries going about their lives and blessing the crops. It was later realized that the faeries were really fire flies but the enjoyment was still there and the locals didn’t need a better reason to have a feast. Attention grew when traders started coming through to watch the “faeries” synchronize at night. The blinking yellow lights are very captivating. Shortly after the town saw a boom from the travelers. In recent years Split Tree has had their own with a blue luminescence.

The Week of Aspects includes;
The Day of Darkness
The Order and Chaos
Those who Help
The Lost and Forgotten
Them Yet to come

Calendar of Dorwin

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