Human Military

Military command is broken into 3 main categories: Watch (city guards), Army and the Navy.
The King has authority over all.
() * denotes slang term for that position


The Army – The true strength of King Eddard. Having unified in the last ten years, the strength, skill, and communication has grown incredibly.
Logo: Crossed Axes



  1. General – The highest ranking and officer can achieve
  2. Guard Lorde
  3. Knight Commander (The Old Bear)
  4. Knight Lorde and Chevaliers
  5. Knight , Field Captain, Lieutenant, Enlisted Noble (Dowry)


  1. Bannermane, Ranger, Quartermaster
  2. Bracer, Scout, Yeoman
  3. Footman – Unspecialized, front line soldiers.
  4. Militiaman (Cubs) – Mainly ex-military towns folk who take of defense of their town. They can be conscripted by local military should the need arise.


The Navy – The budding Human empire has taken well to the sea and has been developing its strengths at sea as well as safeguarding their shipping caravans.
Logo: Sextant


  1. Admiral – The highest ranking a Naval officer can achieve, commands the Armadas of the King (The Seahorse)
  2. Vice Roy (Marlin), Fleet Commander (Shark)
  3. Captain – Leader of their appointed ship. When not with a fleet they have total jurisdiction as appointed by the King.
  4. Ship Master (No.2) , Sextant (Nav), Wavebreaker – a Noble whose ranking which is usually bought. The same as a Dowry


  1. Deckmaster, Harbormaster
  2. Sailor
  3. Docksman (Squids) – They stay on land and oversee the loading and unloading of ships as well as dry dock maintenance. New enlisted sailors often begin here so as to familiarize them with the ships as well as the sea.


The Watch – This branch is the law and order of cities and the personal protectors of the King.
Logo: Diamond of Diamonds

  1. Watch Commander (The Grouch) – The highest ranking member of the watch. There is only one and he advises the King in council matters. During a siege he would take command of The Watch and The Army in the city. The defense of the human cities are his chief responsibility.
  2. Crown Guard – Personal Guards of the King and Royal Family
  3. Honor Guard – Guard of the Palace at Belgard
  4. City Guard Captain – Essentially the Sheriff of their respected town.
  5. City Guard – The police force of the Crown. Some are noble, some corrupt, most just wish to keep the peace and do their jobs.

Human Military

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